Vintage Studio Photographs of Automobiles 

Vintage Studio Photograph of a 1936 Mercedes. 

A 1936 Mercedes 500 K photographed in a studio, if you look closely at the lower portion 
of the photograph you can see where the "grass" ends and the cement floor begins. 
Note also the yellow tinting around the edge of the photograph a sure tell tale sign of age.

A shown below a 1907 SRO roadster photographed in a studio. The bare white back wall and faux grass floor. 
A close look under the car shows shadows that result from light sources both front left and front right of the automobile.

Vintage Studio Photograph of a 1907 SRO. 


Vintage Studio Photograph of a 1907 Rolls-Royce. 


This studio photograph of a 1907 Rolls-Royce has an all white floor and back ground. 
The yellow tinting showing the photos age and the only shadow being under the car 
showing clearly that the auto was being saturated with multiple light sources.

The below studio photograph of 1903 Cadillac is an exceptional example, barely visible aging tint 
and a crisp sharpness make this a real stand out. The lightening in the photo reflecting brightly the 
highly polished chrome head lamps, steering column and roof brace.


Vintage Studio Photograph of a 1903 Cadillac. 


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