Crazy Frog Finding

Look what that crazy frog has gone and done. It leapt right into the pile of findings and it scattered all these beautiful filigrees and charms and look at that…he even moved that scallop shell finding. He scared that swan finding. He scared that little bunny charm. He even scared the brass kitty charm. Now that crazy frog just causes more problems than you can possibly imagine! He really made a splash!

What’s interesting about that particular crazy frog, is that turned out to be the best direct mail piece that the company ever did. This is a revolutionary Crazy Frog He revolutionized how we market our product. Isn’t it funny how crazy frogs can do that? A crazy frog and a big blue pond…an island in a sea of findings. Crazy frog jumping into a pond of findings; filigree findings, heart shaped findings, flower findings, art deco earring drop findings, yup, hammered edge findings, the tale of a unicorn. That crazy frog even scared up a G-cleff. So, is he a musical frog, too? He might be a musical frog. Is this a frog symphony? There’s one thing for sure: this is one crazy frog.


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