A photo of a brass dragon charm.

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A photo of a brass dragon charm.

A photo of stamped brass letters spelling out word magic.

Having been around the jewelry industry for awhile we have grown to appreciate not only the creative efforts of the industry's many talented designers, but the creative efforts of others as well. One area of creativity that often gets over looked by many of us that work with the visual, is the magical use of words. Not being a wordsmith by any stretch of the imagination, it is an area that with the development of the internet that we have come to appreciate and have come upon a blogger with the gift of words that performs a little word magic just about everyday. He begins his word craft with a simple post on Twitter asking his "followers" to provide him with random words.

Since we have been following him, he has asked for up to 11 random words on any given day. Once he has gathered his random words for the day he composes a poem using each of the words ! 

Some of his titles include: 

He calls himself "Dragon Blogger" and his site is well worth you stopping by.


To learn more about words and word magic, continue your search here.....




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