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How about a challenge?

We're always working on ways to make the Guyot website better and easier to access. A recent improvement was adding a comprehensive on-line catalog of all of the stamped brass textures, in their various configurations. And we've added a few new pieces to the line since then. Here are some examples of different shapes, including granite, hammered, frosted, and seed textures:

A variety of stamped brass textures for jewelry making


That catalog supplement was so well received, we've decided to branch out to other categories. So, to begin, here's a comprehensive offering of Guyot's decorative stamped leaves.

 And here's where the challenge comes in.

"What kind of leaf is that?"  

It's a question we often hear and can only partially answer, because frankly, we don't know what our predecessors were thinking when they were designing new items. Were they making an image of a real species of leaf we've just never seen, or is the design a stylized concept straight from the imagination of Numa, a customer, or one of his hub-cutters?

For example, here are some of the leaves we cannot identify.

Can you? Take a look at the leaves page to see if there are others you can identify.

If you know the species of any of these leaves, and will email us with a link naming the species on one or more of the leaves, we'll send you a sample assortment of leaves for your designing pleasure, at no charge.

Of course, we'll need your name and address in the email too!

We look forward to hearing from you, and to learning a few things.


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