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The sample room-New Items for your review

Our latest findings, tooling complete. For samples and prices just drop us a note with the word "samples" in (MANUFACTURERS ONLY PLEASE)  the subject line, and the item numbers in the body. We'll take care of the rest.


                                                                    Please send me samples.

07417-NR & 07414  Available in 2 sizes. Both with and without the top ring.

                                                                      Please send me samples.

07468 & 07468-NR(shown)

Guyot Studios

The workshop-Where you get a sneak peek at what we're working on


This is what we are currently working on. Tooling  is not quite finished, another few days and it will be complete. We'd be happy to send samples as soon as they are available. Just drop a note with the word "workshop" in the subject line and the item numbers in the body. We'll get these off to you as soon as we can.



Please send your workshop items asap.

07300-1R,07300-2R note also available with 4 rings and no rings

Guyot Studios

The drawing board-Wanted your thoughts,comments and ideas


These are a few of the things that we are thinking about doing. Your comments as well as your thoughts on other products we might want to consider are most welcome.

New novelty/charm  items seem to always be in demand. We've had several requests over the last year to add the following, what are your thoughts ?

moose, manatee, filigree cross, smaller snowmen L & R, cardinal, Halloween themes, wineglass

We've also been asked for smaller charms approx. 1/2" high instead of the traditional 7/8" to 1". Do you think this is just a fad or does it have long term potential ?


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  Comments  and thoughts

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