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A little Guyot History

packaging label from Aerolux Light Corp. for flicker flame light bulb

Over the course of 105 years, a manufacturing company can be involved in many different projects and product lines.  "Flicker Flame" light bulb filaments is one such product line in our company's history.  

In the 1930's an opportunity came to the Guyot Brothers, then Gaston, Eugene, and Arthur Guyot, to use their capacity to make stamped jewelry findings and apply it to an altogether different product line, filaments for a new fangled light bulb, patented or with patents pending, called the "Flicker Flame".  It seemed a good match (sorry, no pun intended) and for over 40 years, The Aerolux Light Corporation and Guyot Brothers lit the world with charming, colorful, economical, themed light bulbs.  

Here is more of the story and an interesting photo gallery of these now vintage light bulbs.  You will see some surprisingly familiar items, including seahorse charms and a popular bird motif.  Perhaps your family enjoyed a Flicker Flame lamp in your home.  If that is the case, we hope you enjoy a brief trip down memory lane.

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