What should I expect when I ask for a critique of my jewelry items?

AH........That is a question you must first ask yourself.

Are you looking for confirmation of your effort to produce a piece of jewelry, an assessment of the construction of your item or an evaluation on the marketability of your art……. or all of the above?

An evaluation that offers suggestions to enhance can be wonderful. However well intended, each critique may not be useful. Be prepared to glean from those comments only that which gives you another viewpoint from which you may gain improvement. 

Consider the perspective of the person commenting on your jewelry. If he/she has some level of experience in that field and if you respect their ability, then certainly the information given can be valuable. Yet, a person without any formal education of your craft may still offer insight you had not thought about.

Ask particular questions. You might inquire what it is about your item that they perceive as a focal point of the piece. Ask about symmetry, composition, appropriate use of materials, construction and craftsmanship, is the article wearable? Would they admire it if they saw it on someone else? Would they give it as a gift? Then relate those observations to your own views; do you agree with those comments? Their conclusions may not meet your goals or aesthetics. You are surely not required to dismiss your point of view if someone does not see the item as you do. Before you act on a critique, be certain that the direction offered matches your own. 

Whether you are making jewelry to earn a living, or the enjoyment of a hobby, a critique should at least give you an added perspective that may strengthen your product, and thus enhance the gratification for your work. 

We hope this helps, if you'd like to learn more about jewelry critiques, continue your search here...



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