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What kinds of glues and adhesives are available for jewelry making?

There are many different kinds of glues and adhesives that are used in jewelry making. Which ones you use will be determined by what materials you want to adhere to each other. We hope this list is helpful to you.

  • Adhesive Quick Pen - Convenient and reliable, the DesignaSize adhesive quick pen creates precise, intricate patterns in stunning accents using gold, silver and copper leaf sheets!
  • Loctite 409 Gel Adhesive-Loctite 409 is a super bonding adhesive that has a gap-filling, non-running formula. Best for irregular surfaces. Works in seconds.
  • Loctite 454 Gel Adhesive-This powerful gel is known as surface insensitive. It will bond to surfaces most instant glues of this type won’t touch. Recommended for bonding half-drilled beads, plastics and rubber materials.
  • Rolling Ball Glue Pen-Acid free, photo-safe, for repositionable or permanent bonding. Use for all fine hobby or craft needs. Long-lasting pump action, no squeezing needed.
  • G-S Hypo Cement-It’s pinpoint applicator tip is perfect for precision work. Originally developed for the watch repair industry, now available for crafts, model making, beading, etc. Sets in approximately 10 minutes.
  • PASCO Fix Instant Adhesive-Apply by the drop to form an instant, strong, clear bond. Use to glue crystals, knots, bails, cabochons…anything.
  • Vigor Super Glue-The perfect instant glue. It has a drying time of seconds and works wonderfully for gluing knots. Each tube has a pinpoint applicator tip, useful for controlling individual droplets.
  • Jewel Bond Glue-A perfect glue for attaching gemstones, rhinestones, sequins or glitter. Bond gems to clothes. Jewel Bond is faster setting than most glues of this type, and when dry is flexible and colorless. It will not stain and has permanent wash ability.

  • Devcon Jeweler’s Epoxy (30 minute)-High strength. Will not shrink or be affected by water, oil or gasoline. Sets clear and colorless and is great for gluing cabochons. Handy 2-in-1 tube measures and dispenses the correct amount automatically. Available in a quick 5-minute setting formula, or a higher strength formula, which sets in about 30 minutes.
  • E-6000 Jewelry and Craft Adhesive-This adhesive will bond anything to anything. Non-flammable gel with a clear drying formula, making it a tough, waterproof, flexible bonding agent for any gluing situation.
  • Duco Cement Glue-Popular multi-purpose household glue. Works on phenolic plastic, glass, metal, wood, crafts, china. Dries clear. Dries fast. Dishwasher safe. Easy to apply. Special cap prevents clogging and drying out.
  • Household Goop-Contact adhesive and sealant. Works on ceramic, fabrics, glass, leather, metal, plastic, rubber and wood.

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