As I plan to teach jewelry making classes what should I take into consideration ?

There are a number of factors and details that go into the building and teaching of a jewelry making class.
Some things to consider are:

  • What jewelry making skills do I want to teach?
  • How much should I charge per student?
  • Should I have a tool usage charge or simply require that the students purchase a jewelry-making tool kit?
  • How many students do I want in a class?
  • How much classroom space do I have?
  • Will there be adequate lighting?
  • Should I decide to teach jewelry soldering, will sufficient safety measures be available?
  • How much table space do I need for each student?
  • What are the best dates and times to offer this jewelry-making class?
  • What are the advertising options?
  • If jewelry soldering equipment, knives, cutters or power tools are to be used, what is the liability? 
    Should I prepare a liability waiver for students to sign?

Decide what you are going to supply and what the students need to purchase. Items like tools, guide books, diagrams, jewelry findings, are all things that need to be made available to the student. A course outline and written instructions for the project would be important to offer your jewelry making students to take home. It might be a good idea to have reference books on hand, easily done if the class is to be held in your studio. Are their any on-line resources I wish to tell my students about? (We suggest Guyot Brothers jewelry findings glossary of terms.) A resume or brief autobiography will be of interest to your students.

 Offering an evaluation form at the end of each class can help you decide future teaching plans.

If there are items that the students need to obtain on their own, you might want to provide referrals as to where they can get these things. Charging a materials fee for the class and purchase for each paid enrollee the materials needed to do the particular project could solve this problem. It could include basic tools like pliers, tweezers, jump ring closing tool and the actual jewelry findings and beads needed for the jewelry-making project.

Attention to details will make for an enjoyable, inspiring class for both you and your jewelry making students. When your students leave with a beautiful necklace, bracelet, brooch, or earrings that they made themselves, they will be your best advertising for future classes.

We hope this helps with your project, if you'd like to search the web further may we suggest you continue your search here...



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