Do you know any jewelry sales tools that can help me show my jewelry in the most  favorable way and generate good, profitable sales ?

Although more and more jewelry and fashion accessories are being sold via the internet, buying jewelry in a “live” situation will probably never go away. Whether in a department store, boutique, jewelry showroom, gallery, gift shop, artisans’ fair, craft fair or a home show, there are jewelry sales tools that can help present your jewelry designs in the most favorable way.

If your jewelry is being sold to the retail customer in a gallery, boutique, gift shop, department store or a similar venue, of course the display manager will be setting things up for sale in their cases, but if you participate in trade shows, home shows, or other venues where you must set up shop wherever you are, perhaps this check list will be helpful in showing off the best of your jewelry in a comfortable, inviting, convenient, and powerful way and give you steady and profitable sales.

  • Ample lighting
  • Interesting display structures
  • Neckline and hand models for bracelets and necklaces.
  • Fabric table cloths and backdrops that will enhance the details of your jewelry.
  • A listing of your other shows.
  • Plenty of calling cards.
  • Sales slips, pens and a notebook.
  • Mirrors for customers to see themselves. 
  • Mirrors also reflect and increase light in a trade show or craft show booth.

In a jewelry home show environment, wearing some of your designs can be helpful because they are now on a live model - you! Home shows also allow potential customers to try on jewelry and see for themselves how it will look while in a more private setting.

While showing at craft fairs and retail artisan shows, for your own comfort and personal confidence, you may want to carry some “Craft Show Emergency Kit” articles as well. Here is a link to that list.


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