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Why is brass used in making jewelry findings? 

A jewelry industry standard for over a century, brass is the material of choice for decorative stampings and jewelry findings. 

Being a copper alloy, brass is easy to solder (think copper pipes in household plumbing). The copper content, usually 70 percent or more, depending upon the quality of the brass, also allows for superb electroplating quality. In its raw state, brass colors range from a warm golden yellow to deep coppery tones which can be polished into a rich luster.

Brass is inexpensive and carries a consistent quality. It can be tempered to the correct softness for stamping delicate filigrees as well as boldly struck designs found in charms and other decorative jewelry stampings. At the same time, it is malleable and resists breaking when it is bent and formed in manufacturing processes. It takes to annealing, which allows for further manipulations without breakage. Brass is a durable non-ferrous metal that does not rust, so it can be held for long periods of time without degrading. It will tarnish over time, but tarnish is an easily remedied condition.


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