A picture of a scallop edged filigree.    Picture of filigree with 22 pedals   Picture of a 6 pedal filigree with Oriental flavor.

Finding name:


Finding Type Decorative
Styles: Huge variety of styles and manipulated daps are available. Rounds, squares and ovals are a few of the standard type shapes. Filigree butterflies, filigree hearts and filigree hoops are also available.
Sizes: Large range of sizes from .750"  to almost 3 "


Steel, brass, nickel silver, karat gold, gold filled, sterling silver, platinum, copper
Look for excessive stretch marks, scratches, nicks, dents, kinks, sharp edges, draw marks, unclear design detail, salvage or flashing, un-pierced holes, mis-shaped piercings

Guyot Brothers  produces a large selection of brass filigree jewelry findings please feel free to inquire  with particulars .

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Attleboro Massachusetts, the birthplace of the jewelry industry in America.


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