House of Taylor's billion dollar Jewel continued......

One of her greatest passions is jewelry, and over the years she has amassed one of the world's foremost collections. By the time she was in her thirties, Elizabeth Taylor had already owned an outstanding set of Burmese rubies and diamonds from Cartier, a fantastic emerald and diamond suite from Bulgari and the 33.19-carat Krupp diamond, a gift from Richard Burton. That ring was later eclipsed by a subsequent gift from Burton, when he bought a staggering 69.42-carat pear shaped diamond. Newly named the Taylor-Burton Diamond, it catapulted Elizabeth Taylor into that rarefied pantheon of great jewelry collectors. The Taylor-Burton Diamond, purchased from Cartier in 1969 for $1,100,000, was originally fashioned from a 240.80-carat rough diamond cut by Harry Winston. For her 40th birthday, Richard Burton presented Elizabeth Taylor with the Taj Mahal Diamond that has a history dating back to 1627. In 1969 Burton purchased the La Peregrina Pearl, which was originally discovered in the Gulf of Panama in the early 1500s, an heirloom passed through Spanish and English royal families.

Elizabeth Taylor is more associated with diamonds and jewelry than any other woman in the world. Her outstanding collection of jewelry was immortalized in her New York Times best selling book, 'My Love Affair with Jewelry'. This book is a fabulous display of unbelievable glamour, assembled over a lifetime, by one of the most extraordinary women in the world.

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