today's jewelry market continued.....

"The Jewelry Report 2004 takes research findings like these and presents marketing opportunities for jewelry marketers and retailers to build more vital marketing programs and winning competitive strategies," Danziger says. "For example, the time is right to position jewelry as a gift for women to give a man. The emergence of the 'metrosexual' male who is interested in fashion and grooming, along with men's shopping magazines like Cargo and television make-over shows like What Not To Wear which feature men for fashion rehabilitation, signal a ripe opportunity to capitalize on this trend.

"Another prime opportunity is to develop strategies to increase women's spending on the jewelry that they buy themselves. Several key ways to get women to spend more per item which will in turn increase her annual spending on jewelry are highlighted in the report," Danziger concludes.

About the insights contained in the Jewelry Report 2004

The new consumer insights study, Jewelry Report 2004: The Who, What, Where, How Much and Why of Jewelry Shopping, provides details of qualitative focus group research and quantitative survey of 600 jewelry buyers, their shopping preferences, behaviors and attitudes. The study examines both the fine and costume jewelry market segments, as well as the preferences and behaviors of gift buyers and jewelry self-purchasers.

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