Jewelry Findings, Charms 
Filigree, Stampings, etc....

Brass wrench charm.


Jewelry Tools, Equipment and Supply Catalogs

jewelry making tool kits

supplies to make silver jewelry

jewelry tack welder
bracelet mold
silver wire
silversmith tools

Zak Jewelry Tools, Inc.
55 West 47th Street, 2nd Fl.
New York, NY 10036
Ph# 1-800-369-6424


Beading Block
Sterling channel wire
Copper nails with domed head
Sheet Copper
Opalized wood
Opal cylinder

polishing wheels
jewelers bench
Polymer clay for Jewelry
Penny Brite Copper
sterling silver tubing
16 Midland Avenue
Hicksville, NY 11801
Ph# 1-800-366-2156


jewelers tool holder
quick drying brazing cement

automatic tac welder
ergonomic file handle
lapidary polishing equipment
buffing wheels for jewelry polishing
lapidary inland polishing equipment
The Foredom Electric Co.
16 Stony Hill Road
Bethel, Ct 06801
Ph# 1-800-441-0625


foredom hand held grinders
flex-shaft grinder

The Contenti Company
123 Stewart Street
Providence, RI 02903


injection wax
mold rubber
diamond tester
polishing cloths
Low temperature cure silicone mold rubber

Bergeon goldsmith pliers
beginners lapidary equipment
lapidary and stone cutting equipment
255 Hancock Ave.
Bridgeport,CT 06605-0936
PH# 203-366-5400 

ceramic tweezers
engraving jewelry supplies

Suppliers of lapidary and jewelry mountings

Jewelry findings and component suppliers

Jewelry chain and jewelry chain manufacturers

Industrial Tools and Supplies

Jewelry stone suppliers


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