The Goat

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Greek zodiac symbol for Capricorn.

It is said that the glyph of Capricorn contains the v-shape of the goatís head and the fish tale of the sea-goat. The astrological sign symbolizes stability and conformity. The legend holds that Capricorn was the sea goat who brought civilization to all people when he rose from the waters of the unconscious.


Capricorn Crystals 

Turquoise, onyx, amber, azurite, carnelian, fluorite, green and black tourmaline, labradorite, magnetite, malachite, peridot, quartz, ruby, smoky quartz, annabergite, aragonite, galena


The mature nature of the Capricorn values tradition and attempts to resist change. They are bound by their sense authority, caution, and responsibility, which limits their ability to act spontaneously. Although this might be seen as a downfall to other signs, the Capricorn is much happier once it has achieved levels of authority and respectability by having the rest of society approve their status. Once these aspects of their personality have been solidified the Capricorn can move on to explore the more sensitive side of their personality. A block sometimes exists in the expression of Capricornís emotions disallowing their true feeling to surface, and instead only allowing what is expected by other to surface. (Hall, 101)

Hall, Judy. The Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac. New York: Sterling, 2005.


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