A list of birthstones for each month


Month Traditional gem stone Traditional
Modern gem stone Synthetic trade name
January  Garnet Deep Red silicate mineral, generally crystallized  Garnet  Garnet
February  Amethyst Purple purple or violet variety of quartz Amethyst  Amethyst
March  Bloodstone  Dark green green variety of quartz, spotted with red jasper Aquamarine  Aquamarine
April  Diamond  White Nearly pure carbon in crystalline form Diamond  White sapphire
May Emerald Green green variety of beryl Emerald Emerald
June Pearl   White/bluish gray smooth, hard usually roundish, from oyster Alexandrite Cultured pearl, Alexandrite
July Ruby  Red Deep red variety of corundum Ruby Ruby
August Sardonyx Brownish red & white  Variety of onyx with layers of sard & chalcedony Peridot Peridot
September Sapphire Deep Blue Pure form of corundum Sapphire Sapphire
October  Opal variety of colors generally Milky translucent silica refracting light in a  variety of colors Tourmaline Opal Rozircon
November  Topaz (precious) Yellow variety Aluminum silicate mineral; colors vary  Topaz quartz   Topaz 
December Turquoise Greenish blue Hydrous phosphate of aluminum with small amount of copper Zircon Zircon



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