Brass Santa Claus charm facing right.    Brass Christmas Tree Motif   Brass Santa Claus charm facing left. 

The nightmare before Christmas or a year-long event. 

Yes, Santa is in the department store or at the town common taking orders from good little girls and boys for their Christmas toys and gadgets during the official "Christmas Season", but many people are on the lookout every month of the year for appropriate Christmas Gifts.

After all, if youíre on vacation at Disney World, Yellowstone National Park, or the Grand Canyon, or a vacation destination like London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Hawaii or any other favorite locale, and you see exactly the right piece of jewelry, a pair of earrings perhaps, why not pick them up for a family member or friend?

Jewelry especially is a smart purchase to buy as a Christmas gift while away on vacation for many reasons. It is usually unbreakable. It is generally a small object and easily pack able. Just donít pack it so well that you canít find it when you get home. I still havenít found the Lobster pin I bought at a gallery while on a beach vacation!

Christmas shopping year round can also help us see out-of-the-ordinary gifts that might not be available during the Christmas rush or found amidst the grand in store Christmas Displays. On the other hand, if the lucky recipient collects Christmas Tree brooches or snowman jewelry or other jewelry items with a Christmas theme, then Halloween to Christmas Eve is the time to shop!

For those who consider Christmas shopping an "Olympic sport", the holiday season gives us many opportunities to gather gifts for others any time, anywhere.

  • Office or school holiday parties

  • Book group gift exchanges

  • Family parties and dinners

  • Ladies Christmas church luncheons

  • Kids Christmas parties

  • Gifts for teachers

  • Gifts for business partners 

  • Corporate Christmas gifts

  • Holiday tea parties

And anything else you can dream up, are all good reasons to be on the lookout for that elusive "Perfect Christmas Gift".

Of course, Christmas Shopping is not restricted to department and electronic gadget stores. Jewelry boutiques, galleries, yarn shops, pottery studios, craft fairs, yard sales, antiques stores, craft stores, on-line jewelry stores, and mail order catalogs can all be valuable sources for unique and special gifts. Christmas themed jewelry is a category in and of itself. Santa, snowmen, Christmas trees and other whimsical motifs are highly collectable when they are well made.

Not everyone likes to shop, however, and for them the thought of making Christmas gifts holds more appeal. Baked cookies and cakes, cross stitched samplers, hand-knitted sweaters and scarves and handmade items for the tabletop and home are always appreciated, but for many people, handmade jewelry is especially nice. If it is well made of quality components, the object will hold its beauty and be worn and appreciated for many years. For those who would like to explore making jewelry to give as gifts (for yourself or others), then you will find the suppliers at this link to be a valuable resource.

If you would like to read more about vintage Christmas jewelry, you will find this article interesting.


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