Knitting Just Got Cooler: Bella Blue 
Introduces Leopard Print Hand Painted Knitting Needles

Bella Blue introduces its new Signature Line of hand painted leopard knitting needles designed by artist, Beth Bess. Created for hip knitters, Bella Blue needles take knitting to a new level of cool. 


Mathews, VA (PRWEB) July 6, 2006 -- Bella Blue ( introduces a hot new way to knit with its Signature Line Leopard Knitting Needles. Sporting tawny brown and black leopard print designed by artist, Beth Bess, these birch needles are topped off by gold finials and preserved with a sealant, providing a silky smooth finish that never snags. The packaging includes a black marabou boa for an effect that is over the top glamour with a fun touch of kitsch.

Bella Blue launched its signature line of hand painted knitting needles this year and will follow with a new line every year. The next is set to debut in January 2007. Each line will feature several fresh new designs running the gamut from feminine florals to classic geometric motifs, all limited editions, making the unique knitting needles instant collectors’ items.

Bella Blue Hand Painted Knitting Needles are designed by Virginia artist, Beth Bess. After years as a jewelry designer and graphic artist, Bess learned to knit, joining the 53 million Americans who knit or crochet.

  Unsatisfied with the needles available in yarn stores, Bess decided to personalize a pair of needles with her favorite fashion motif, leopard print.

“I have collected leopard print fashion and accessories for 25 years. When I whipped up a pair of leopard needles using unfinished birch, I fell in love with leopard print all over again. It’s the way the needles look passing through the yarn, the leopard spots changing as the needles move. They make me feel totally hip whenever I pull them out of my knitting bag,” says the designer.

But, it wasn’t enough for the needles to look fabulous. Bess researched and experimented for a year to find a protocol for achieving a glass-smooth finish on her painted needles.

She says, “When I first began painting knitting needles, I was frustrated with the way the wood felt after I applied the paint. It felt like it was covered in tiny fishhooks that wouldn’t go away even after many coats of sealant. The fishhooks snagged my yarn, marring an otherwise delightful knitting experience. So, I spent a year researching and discovered a protocol that has become our company’s best kept little secret. Now I achieve a finish on my needles that is silky smooth.”

If knitting is the new yoga, Bella Blue Hand Painted Knitting Needles ramp it up to Kundalini! Knitting with these outrageous needles releases untapped creative energy for maximum enjoyment of the wildly popular pastime. Such liberation is great for older knitters, but what’s in it for the younger set? Today’s generation of young knitters demands needles and yarns with a vibe that’s all about being edgy and different. Their tastes drive the craft industry’s trend toward novelty yarns and fashion-forward patterns. 

Leopard print is the fashionista’s symbol of glamour and style, and these slammin’ needles fly off yarn retailers’ shelves into the hands of hip young professionals greedy for knitting novelty. According to the Craft Yarn Council of America, “Young women ages 25-34 are the secret spark that's fueling knitting and crochet yarn sales across the country. Since 2002, participation in these crafts increased more than 150% in the 25-34 age category, jumping from 13% to 33% and representing 6.5 million.”

Not for the timid knitter determined to ply her hobby in obscurity, needles this cool can get a knitter noticed. Whether it’s at the local stitch ‘n bitch, a child’s soccer practice, or a Monday morning board meeting, knitters may find they create a buzz with Bella Blue leopard needles.

Bess describes her first experience knitting with the attention-getting needles, “About a week after I made my first pair of leopard needles, I visited a sit-n-knit at my local yarn shop. I was quietly knitting and listening when a woman across the table exclaimed, ‘Are those leopard needles she’s using?’ All heads snapped in my direction and everyone began asking about them at once. I soon found this response universal.”

For additional information, visit

Beth Bess is an award winning artist, jewelry designer, writer, graphic artist, and knitter. For more information on Beth Bess and Bella Blue, contact designer, Beth Bess, or visit Bella Blue Signature Line Leopard Needles are available in yarn stores across the country and in Canada. They are also available through online yarn retailers. Find a listing of retailers on the Bella Blue website under “Purchase.”

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