Eye-catching medical bracelets are fashionable, functional.

By Margo Harakas, Staff Writer, Sun-Sentinel, Posted September 8, 2004

Tina Sprigg would have been content selling her beaded jewelry to the usual clientele. But an unexpected request for a medical ID bracelet opened up a whole new specialty area for the For Lauderdale entrepreneur, one linked with deep satisfaction.

"My youngest client was a 14-month-old girl with a heart condition," says Sprigg. The mother found Sprigg’s Beadin’ Beagle Web site and ordered a bracelet of glass flowered beads for her child.

Another mother, doubting she’d ever get her diabetic daughter to wear any medical alert jewelry, ordered a Sprigg creation, anyway. The girl was so thrilled with the colorful bracelet, the mother reported, that for three days she refused to take it off.

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