The Bull

Want to buy a Taurus charm ?

Greek zodiac symbol for Taurus.
The glyph of Taurus is described as the horns and Head of the bull and signifies
 the strength and willpower of the sign.

Taurus Crystals 

Topaz, aquamarine, azurite, black spinal, boji stone, diamond, emerald, kyanite, kunzite, lapis lazuli, malachite, rose quartz, rhodonite, sapphire, selenite, tigerís eye, tourmaline, variscite

Determination is a major quality of the Taurean personality along with stubbornness and cautiousness. The Taurus values loyalty and recognizes duty thusly making him a valuable team member. A lover of the arts and the good things in life characterizes a Taurus. A slow and thoughtful pattern of thinking for the Taurus allows for attention to detail which in turn leads the Taurus to practical and often ingenious solutions. The common sense of the Taurus makes one reliable and trustworthy. Popular ways for the Taurus to channel their creativity and attention to detail are gardening, sculpture, writing music, and dancing.

Hall, Judy. The Astrology Bible: The Definitive Guide to the Zodiac. New York: Sterling, 2005.



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